Presentation (2020)


Topic: History of the Colleges in Highland Park

Presenter: Lisa (Elm) Taber

Date: 02/29/2020

Time: 2-3 p.m.

Location: Des Moines Northside Library; 3516 5th Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50313

Link to Event: Here

Direction: Here

Inter-Urban Transportation

Des Moines, Iowa’s population was booming by the 1880s. People were looking for ways to get out of downtown and move into the suburbs. One of the contributing factors in the development of Highland Park and the college was access to inner urban transportation.

The presentation below highlights the route from downtown to the northern suburbs. Well worth a watch.


Ethelyn Hick (1924)

C.J. Robinson, Ph.D

Professor Charles J. Robinson wrote a letter to George Hicks in 1924, outlining their daughter’s opportunities at Des Moines University. His main goal was to persuade her parents into convincing Ethelyn to complete her studies rather than run a household. Professor Robinson’s letter did not prove successful for the pull of marriage was far stronger for Ethelyn Hick-Cresap than completing her studies in education at Des Moines University.


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