Corner of 2nd & Euclid Avenues View 2 (1921) (2016)

Here’s what this street corner looked like in 1921 and now in 2016.

wireless station- 1921

2 thoughts on “Corner of 2nd & Euclid Avenues View 2 (1921) (2016)

  1. Thanks so much for posting the historical info re Highland Park College. My grandmother, from Cherokee, completed her education in June of 1899 and then proceeded to travel by wagon to Oregon from July to September of 1899. She often mentioned attending and I have a few photographs of what I believe to be inside the women’s dormitory. I am not sure what her educational goals were, but I do remember she loved “recitations” as she called them. Even in her 80’s she would recite lengthy poems learned during those years. Appreciate all your work.

    1. Mary,

      Thank you for visiting the site. Your grandmother was a very courageous woman to make that kind of trek in a covered wagon. Do you know your grandmother’s maiden name? I might be able to find an image of her in my collection of HPC and DMU things.

      It would also be interesting to see the images of your grandmother in the HPC dorm rooms. If you have a way to scan the image, I like to see it.

      Thanks again,

      L. M. Elm

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