The Courtroom (1929)

The back of this photo reads:

Courtroom scene during the fight for control of Des Moines University, Baptist fundamentalist institution. In the picture are () Judge Charles F. Bradshaw, attorney of students attempting to uphold injunction to keep university under control of deposed President Harry C. Wayman until June 4, graduation time. (2) Casper Schenk, attorney for students. (3) Donald Evans, attorney seeking to dissolve injunction in interest of Dr. T.T. Shields and board of trustees who ordered school closed after riots May 11. (4) Dr. Shields, who with his secretary, Miss Edith Rebman, has been charged with immoral actions and who, when cleared by the board of trustees May 11, discharged Dr. Wayman and the entire faculty leading to the student riots. (5) Mr. “X”, mysterious companion of Dr. Shields, supposedly from Toronto, Canada who Monday accompanied Dr. Shields and Miss Rebman to Des Moines. (6) Miss Rebman.

The hearing Wednesday continued until Friday when it is expected that sensational charges will be brought against Dr. Shields and Miss Rebman and evidence to show that they are unfit morally to administer the school.




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