Athletic Field Entrance (1911)

Looking northeast on East Douglas & Cambridge

3 thoughts on “Athletic Field Entrance (1911)

  1. Hi, been meaning to ask you for quite awhile this question. How did you happen to get an interest in HPC and DMU? Of course I did as my Dad attended DMU and was president of their alumni association for many years, plus my college, the University of Sioux Falls, formerly Sioux Falls College, acquired all the records of DMU after it closed. The main room in the Sioux Falls College Library is called the Des Moines University Room and has a large bronze plaque labeling it as such. Anyway, I was curious and I hope you dont mind my asking. Sincerely, Chris Bechtel SFC ’71

    On Mar 11, 2017 5:05 PM, “College on the North Side” wrote:

    > L.M. Elm posted: “” >

    1. Mind asking – Nope. I was researching a novel when I came across David Wiggins ‘Old Des Moines U’. I found the information about the riots interesting. When I went online, I couldn’t find a lot of information on it.

  2. Started a blog. Been posting and adding stuff ever since. I did visit SFU campus a couple of years ago. Their archives were rather disappointing. A half a dozen boxes and most of the information was on 1927-1929 (that makes sense I suppose). I think the Northside Library in Des Moines has more information than SFU.

    I emailed you an article I found in the Register that concerned your Dad taking over as alumni president. Thought you might enjoy that. 🙂

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