Des Moines University Room (2017)

After the riots, what was left of the archives of Highland Park College and Des Moines University were shipped off to Sioux Falls College which later changed its name to University of Sioux Falls.

I want to thank Chris Bechtel with sharing a photo marker at University of Sioux Falls. Chris’s dad was a leading representative of DMU’s alumni.

Thanks again, Chris.

Chris Bechtel
Photo courtesy of Chris Bechtel

2 thoughts on “Des Moines University Room (2017)

  1. L.m., I have to personally thank the staff members at the University of Sioux Falls who were so kind to honor my request for a photo of the plaque. They took the time to take a photo and forward it to me. I am most appreciative. My Dad, Reuben C. Bechtel, a DMU alumni, was able to attend and speak at the dedication of the Mears Library several years ago. He was most proud. At that time I was a student at SFC, now USF. I graduated in 1971.

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