My interest in Highland Park College & Des Moines University began in 2005 when I began research for my first novel. And as they say the rest his history…


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  1. Hi there! Thanks for posting all of this. No where do you have mentioned what happened to DMU’s records. Well, they were transferred to Sioux Falls University in 1929. Two years later, Grand Island College in Grand Island, NE, transferred their credits to SFU, as well did Cedar Valley Seminary and Parker College in Winnebago, MN. SFU then changed its name to Sioux Falls College since these four Baptist schools became part of the school. In 1994 SFC changed its name to the University of Sioux Falls, which it remains an American Baptist School to this very day. USF has 130 years of rich history, but I like to think of USF as more than one school, we have the history of four other Baptist schools the ceased to survive during the Great Depression Era. Even though it is not in Des Moines, the large reference room our library (Mears Library), is name the Des Moines University room. On our campus we also have Grand Island Memorial Hall, which is female freshman dorm. Here is the link to the history of USF: http://www.usiouxfalls.edu/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=674&Itemid=109
    What makes this all the more interesting is that I am currently a sophomore, theology/youth ministry major at USF. I hope this all interest you!
    Grand Island College: http://www.first-brokers.com/2020applications/propertylistings.asp?page_size=1&current_page=119&agentID=32
    Cedar Valley: http://www.preservationiowa.org/programs/endangeredItem.php?id=229&year=2010
    Parker College: http://www.cardcow.com/141125/parker-college-winnebago-minnesota/
    Enjoy the rich history!

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