Athletic Field (1911) & (1920) – Revised

This is a revision to this post. I had previously listed the athletic field in the incorrect location. Thanks to Tom Longden for pointing out this error.

The athletic field was located at East Douglas and Cambridge NOT East Douglas and Cornell.


The athletic field was expanded in 1923, much to the grumbling of neighbors. DMU acquired an extra 25 feet to expand the field at a cost of $10,000. A concrete bleacher/grandstand with capacity of seating 5,000 people would be built before the first football game in September. Many residents felt the expansion would narrow Cambridge Street too much and make travel down the road during games difficult. DMU went ahead with their expansion anyway.

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Georgia or Ruby Goff (1921)

Courtesy of Joy Neil Kindey. “Des Moines Historical Society.” Closed Group. Facebook. 2016 February 27. Location. Accessed: 2016 March 2.

Georgia and Ruby Goff were enrolled in the music program at Des Moines Colllege (1) in 1920-1921. To meet their financial obligations, both girls were employed by Carl and Edith Weeks (2). Carl was an alumni of Highland Park College who made his fortune manufacturing and selling cosmetics (3).

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