Gym/Field House [1955 & 2017] – Part II

1955-Field House (1)
Gym – Facing Euclid Avenue [1955]
Gym – Facing Euclid Avenue [2017]


Childs Hall (1955)


Childs Hall (1955)
Courtesy of Des Moines Public Library


The photograph above was taken of Childs Hall in March of 1955. This was the final building to be razed due to an agreement between the remaining Lawsonomists and the developer so the Lawsonomists could find other housing.

Athletic Field (1911 & 1920)

President Longwell did not believe in college sports. He thought it took too much time away from a student when they should be focused on their academics. Longwell did believe in what he called ‘physical culture’. This amounted to all students participating in calisthenics before chapel exercises.

By 1901, Longwell had little say in the building of the athletic field, shown above. He’d been ousted during a change of management. By 1902, he returned to take control of the school once more.

Highland Park College, and later, Des University, would keep their football, basketball, baseball and track even through all the owner changes.

In 1927, the gymnasium was built a few blocks west of the athletic field. The gym survived. The athletic field did not. The land at East Douglas & Cornell was razed in 1955 to make way for home development.

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