Corner of 2nd & Euclid Avenues View 1 (1908) (1916)

The corner of 2nd and Euclid Avenues was a familiar site/drop off for rail car service. One of the most popular photographs of the college has the  building below in prominent view. The building was first called the Streetcar Waiting Room. Later around the early 19-teens it was renamed the Wireless Building.

Next week I’ll post what this corner looked like in 1921 vs. 2016.

wireless station-1916wireless stationStreetcar waiting room


Georgia or Ruby Goff (1921)

Courtesy of Joy Neil Kindey. “Des Moines Historical Society.” Closed Group. Facebook. 2016 February 27. Location. Accessed: 2016 March 2.

Georgia and Ruby Goff were enrolled in the music program at Des Moines Colllege (1) in 1920-1921. To meet their financial obligations, both girls were employed by Carl and Edith Weeks (2). Carl was an alumni of Highland Park College who made his fortune manufacturing and selling cosmetics (3).

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